gallery Introduction

      see+ 是一个以展示影像作品为主的画廊,由国内外著名影像评论家及策展人组成的学术委员会,负责推荐、策划国际摄影大师及国内优秀摄影家的展览。作为艺术品的专业代理和销售机构,see+ 致力于成为东西方艺术品交流的平台。see+ 拥有国际一流的评论家和策展人资源,定期及不定期的邀请国内外影像专家举行学术研讨会和讲座。良好的学术背景,为see+画廊的展览和销售提供了质量保证。画廊位于北京798艺术区内,占地面积300多平方米,配有两个大展厅、VIP小展厅,以及艺术品相关产品和画册销售的小书店。
      see+ gallery is a photo gallery, the academic committee of which comprises famous image critics and curators who are responsible for recommending and planning great photographers' exhibitions. As a professional agency and marketing organisation, see+ gallery is dedicated to being a platform for the dissemination of fine arts. With the resources of first-class international curators and critics, see+ gallery often invites experts for lectures and seminars. An excellent academic background provides assurance of quality for both exhibitions and sales.