Yan Ming









Born in Dingyuan County, Anhui Province in 1970. 

Resigned from public office in 2010, Yan Ming now is a freelance photographer, living in Guangzhou.

Winner of Hou Dengke Documentary Photography Award, and The Photography Talent Award in China. 

After graduation, he once worked as a middle school teacher, rock musician, magazine editor, promotion in record company, and newspaper reporter. 

He published the essay collection: A Once in a Lifetime Moment, Country of Ambition, Wrinkled Child, 

Known as "Poet Photographer", 

Yan Ming uses images and words full of poetic humanities. 

His works reveal the essence of photography, 

and let out a long sigh at the disappearance of classical tradition of ancient China, 

showing both the absurdity and romance of modern China. 

His works are collected by many art institutions and collectors at home and abroad.

2019  出版摄影随笔集《长皱了的小孩》

2015  出版摄影随笔集《大国志》及同名画册

2015  担任新浪图片拍照吧少年大学生摄影活动导师

2014  出版首部摄影随笔集《我爱这哭不出来的浪漫》

2013  担任TOP20-2013中国当代摄影新锐展评委

2013  与漫画家王卯卯进行跨界摄影绘画衍生品合作

2012  连州国际摄影年度策展人

2012  “Thinkplus2012大声思考活动演讲者

2012  获《Vista看天下》图片大赏(2011)年度大奖

2011  获侯登科纪实摄影奖

2010  获大理国际影会最佳新锐摄影师奖

2010  2010法国才华摄影基金中国区比赛纪实类冠军


2019  Published photography essays collection Wrinkled Child

2015  Published photography essays collection Country of Ambition

2015  Mentor of university students in a photography workshop hosted by Sina 

2014  Published first collection of essays on photography, A Once in a Lifetime Moment

2014  Mentor for 2014 Annual Top ten Contest of xitek.com

2013  Judge of Top20-2013 China New Talent Contemporary Photography Competition

2013  Boundary crossing collaboration with the cartoonist Wang Mama

2012  Curator of Lianzhou International Film Festival

2012  “Thinkplus 2012” speaker

2012  Winner of 2011 Annual Picture Awards in Vista magazine

2011  Winner of 2011 Hou Dengke Documentary Photograph Award

2010  Best New Artist at the Dali International Photography Exhibition

2010  Winner of the First Talent China Award in the category of reportage, photographie.com, France

著作 / Literature





严明:  《昨天堂》画册,北京十月文艺出版社,2021.9


Yan Ming, A Once in a Lifetime Moment, Guilin:  Guangxi Normal University Press Group, 2014.7.1

Yan Ming, Country of Ambition,  Guilin:  Guangxi Normal University Press Group, 2015.11

Yan Ming, Country of Ambition (Album), Guilin:  Guangxi Normal University Press Group, 2015.11

Yan Ming, Wrinkled Child, Guilin:  Guangxi Normal University Press Group, 2019.6 

Yan Ming,  Land of Bygone (Album), Beijing October Arts & Literature Publishing House 2021.9