Qiu 丘




1998年07月 毕业于广东教育学院美术系




1974 Born in Pingyuan, Guangdong Province, China.


Graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Guangdong Institute of Education in 1998.

Now works and lives in Guangzhou.





2003年 《并不真实的丘》 平遥国际摄影大展 平遥                    山西

《中国人本》 纪实在当代摄影展 广东美术馆                             广州

2004年 《在路上》 开放的姿态  广东美术馆                              广州

《在路上》 2004武夷山国际摄影周                                            福建

四位中國年輕攝影家展「往哪裡去?天人合一」 守护神艺廊     日本

2005年 《2005广州国际摄影双年展》 广东美术馆                     广州

连州国际摄影年 连州鞋厂                                                            广东

2007年 《梦呓的丘》个展  75号画廊                                          广州

阿尔勒国际摄影节                                                                        法国

2008年 《外象》 三影堂四人摄影联展                                        北京

大邱国际摄影双年展                                                                    韩国

2009年  2009网络选辑展                                                             德国

2009欧罗巴利亚—中国艺术节                                                    比利时

2010年  KLM“保罗·胡夫奖”提名                                                   荷兰








2003  A world that looks unreal, International Photography Festival,           Pingyao China


Humanismin in CHINA - A contemporary record of photography,      Guangzhou China


2004  On the way - Open attitude, Guangdong Museum of Modern Arts,     Guangzhou China


On the way, International Photography Festival,                     Wuyishan China


Asian photography Ⅳ “where are you  heading? Mother China”,            Japan


2005  2005 Guangzhou Photo Biennial,                               Guangzhou China


Qiu, International Photo Festival,                                 Lianzhou China


2007  Sleepwalker-Qiu   NO.75 gallery                              Guangzhou China


Sleepwalker-Qiu,  Rencontres d'Arles,                                   France


2008  Outward Expressions  Three Shadows Photography Art Centre          BeiJing China


Daegu Photo Biennale 2008                                        South Korea


2009  Photographers: network selection 2009                            Siegen Germany


International Arts Festival Europalia China                               Belgium


2010  Nominated for the Paul Huf Award 2010                               Amsterdam





Even I myself don’t know.




          What have I been searching in dream and reality ?

          Through the glass,

          I see the familiar shadow in my dream and the uncertain dream in reality.

          I have such feeling that I can′t  escape.

          It creates a spiritual kingdom.

          When you are perplexed in lift,

          It will always be your sweet home.

          It is always drifting.

          During the drift, it produce a thing call“field”.

          With the moist air of the South and the floating particle,

          It strives to seek an unreal field,

          A field that remains in another time and space.


                                         ----Qiu  2004



Even now, I still don’t know what photography is, I just obstinately keep holding a snapcamera and shoot muddleheadedly. Obstinacy, muddle, apartness, stinginess, timidity and nostalgia, these characters influence my way to view the world around me. Loneliness and fear often drive me wake up crying from sleep, filled with fear of losing everything.

I try my best to analyze my inner heart by photography, use solitude to comfort the solitude in my soul. It will be my most particular and important way of speaking, help me carry the dream and reality through to the end. The timid me, believe that my snapcamera will definitely save my spiritual kingdom.  






                                                                                                                                                                                         ---- Qiu   2005 09 22





Qiu’s “Qiu behind glass”, no matter whether we look from the artists generation’s point of view(he was born in 1974, almost the same year as Deng Xiaoping′s  reform policies)or just look at the images. It is obvious that these photos are all private and point to that indescribable world of “my individual capsule”. The world and I, the world is always out of reach, the world is always on the other side of the glass. the untouchable remoteness, even those close family members, our neighbors, always on the other side of the glass. Is this distance physical? Is this glass real? Is reality beyond the glass or on my side? How far beyond the glass does reality reach? Or is reality just within my personal capsule?





—Asian Photography Ⅳ “where are you heading? Mother CHINA”

                           —Wu jiabao﹝Independent curator, Taiwan﹞