Ivan Pinkava



Pinkava’s works primarily makes merciless reference to the state of the human spirit of the individual in ‘Western’ culture. Searching for the essence, he offers certain generalizations of his reflections, presenting them in generally comprehensible cultural codes. He dismantles their usual validity, however, and suggests possibilities for shifts and changes in their meanings. Pinkava has created a series of propositions about the identity and uncertainties of ‘Western’ man as he passes through historical experiences – crises, rises and falls, always returning to the generally valid rules of human existence, which, it seems, elude our giving them names. If these rules cannot be named with words, their visual evocation, including their infringement, is often stronger and more striking – more striking in their negative imprint and referential ambiguity.

For almost thirty years, Pinkava has created his own, distinctive visual language, which can be identified with his thinking about the world.

Petr Vaňous, 2012