Ivan Pinkava


Ivan Pinkava was born in Náchod, northeast Bohemia, in 1961. He graduated from a secondary school specializing in graphic art, and took his post-secondary training at FAMU, Prague, in art photography. He is known mostly as an artist of portraits frequently suggesting aesthetic connections with Mannerism and the Baroque. In his portraits he captures above all the profound ambiguity of man, who is marked by this state or consciously suffering from it. The expression of Pinkava’s statement on the situation of man exiled to mystery comprises spiritual, not intellectual, melancholy, that is to say, a melancholy capable of sympathy, desire, and hope.

The portraits of Ivan Pinkava strongly resist easy interpretation of any kind. They are based on ambiguity, and this intellectual ambiguity is one of their determining qualities. The beings portrayed in the photographs carry within themselves the utterly timeless conflict of a certain uprootedness. They could be some sort of twentieth-century deserters, scarred and fragile beings who cry out for sanctity. They remind us of the conflicts and clashes of our hidden desires and ideals; they are projections of our daily and nightly experiences; they are beings who would seem to know how to enter, of their own volition, their unconscious, their own dark depths, from whence, reborn and purged, they return. They enable us to confront ourselves with the suppressed qualities of the urban man - passion, romance, emotional extremes, the ability to give in -, paradoxically by their apparent external absence from these photographs. At the same time, these picture-photographs, in a sophisticated fashion, touch upon the most fundamental human questions about the meaning of life. The topics, such as death, eternity, lost paradise, destiny, the nakedness of being, are in the great tradition of the European fine arts. It appears that hope, as if masked with scepticism, is probably linked with the  theme of most of the artist’s photographs, the conviction that Being has its own profound existential meaning. The partial androgyny of the photographed beings, who sometimes seem no longer to be of our world, only then points to some sort archetypical eternity of the presented themes.


The photographs of Ivan Pinkava are apparently conceived very simply; he tries to work with a minimal amount of media. In this sense we could call them minimalistic. Formally, however, they employ every possible means to achieve their masterly effect. The perfect composition, the almost Nadarian work with light, and the brilliant originals prepared by the author on the basis of a wealth of deep tones, allow for the creation of irreplaceable originals that can scarcely be reproduced without the photographs losing much of their beauty.

The photographs of Ivan Pinkava have since 1988 been exhibited mainly in Europe, but also in the USA, and examples of his work can be found in private and public collections all over the world. Pinkava works as free-lance photographer and lives in Prague.



Solo exhibitions  / selection

1990  Ivan Pinkava - Fotografien, Fotogalerie in der Brotfabrik, Berlin, Německo

1992  Dynastie, Pražský dům fotografie, Praha, Československo


1992  Ivan Pinkava, Hippolyte Gallery, Helsinky, Finsko

1995  Portréty, Galerie Pallas, Praha, Česká republika

1995  Memento Mori, Galerie Rudolfinum, Praha, Česká republika (společný projekt s  Václavem Jiráskem a Robertem Novákem), další reprízy v Mexiku

1996  Produzentengalerie Passau, Passau, Německo

1996  ECCE HOMO, Galeria Pusta, Katowice, Polsko

1996  Ivan Pinkava, Vrais Rèves Galerie, Lyon, France

1996  Ivan Pinkava, Galerie G4, Cheb,  Česká republika

1996  Portraits, Frederiks Bastion Gallery, Kobenhavn, Dánsko

1997-8  Ivan Pinkava, Centro de la Imagen, Palatio Bellas Artes, Mexiko

1998  Kain a Ábel, Galerie JNJ, Praha, Česká republika

1999  Cain and Abel, Galerie Allan, Wien, Rakousko

1999  Kain und Abel, Tschechisches Zentrum, Berlin, Německo

1999  Ivan Pinkava, Month of Photography, Bratislava, Slovensko

2001  Theatre of Lost Soul, Mesaros Gallery, Morgantown, WV,USA

2001  Adam a Eva, Galerie Fiducia, Ostrava, Česká republika

2002  TNF, Atelier Josefa Sudka, Fotograf v zahradě, Praha, Česká republika

2004  Heroes – Ivan Pinkava, Galerie Rudolfinum, Praha

2006 Heroes – choice, Central exhibition hall „Manesh“, Moscow

2006  Ivan Pinkava, David Moješčík, Galerie Ars, Brno

2007 Salome, The South Gardens of Prague Castle, Prague

2008 Cafe Club 102, Lodz, Polsko

2009 Silence, Silence, Dream and Three Mattresses, Vernon international & in Stage, Padova, Itálie

2009 Znejistění středu, Galerie 5. patro, Praha

2010 Ještě místo – pustá zem (společně s Josefem Bolfem), Západočeská  galerie v Plzni

2010 Seul  reste l´or, Galerie Seine 51,Paris, Francie

2011 Oproti  bilé, galerie Fiducia, Ostrava

2011 Opposite White, L´été photographique de Lectoure, Hotel de ville / Ancient tribunal , Lectoure

2012 Indexace, Galerie Dům, Broumov


Group exhibitions  / selection

1988  Vize, Moravská galerie, Brno, Československo

1988  „11“, Galerie Fotochema, Praha, Československo

1989  37 fotografů na Chmelnici, Chmelnice klub, Praha, Československo

1989  Contemporary Czech Photography, Nieuwe Kerk, Foto 89 Amsterodam,  Holandsko

1990  Choice, Fotofest, Houston, USA

1990  Tchechoslowakische Photographie der Gegenwart, Museum Ludwig, Köln, Německo

1990  La Tchècoslovaquie à Arles, Palais de l’Archevêché, Arles, Francie

1990  Vision de l’homme, Galerie Municipale du Château d'Eau, Toulouse, Francie

1991  Plastic Photography, Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Foto Biennale Enschede, Holandsko

1991  European Photography Award 1991, Berlin, Německo

1992  Photographes européens forts de leur Histoire, Salle des Fêtes, Arles, Francie

1992  Bratrstvo, Gabina, Ivan Pinkava, Fotogalerie Wien, Rakousko

1993  Fotofeis, MacLaurin Art Gallery, Glasgow, Velká Británie (Skotsko), Reprízy: EBRD London, Lisabon, Porto, Salamanca ad.

1993  Presences, The Photographer`s Gallery, Bill Brandt Room, London, Velká Británie

1994  V ostrém světle, Pražský dům fotografie, Praha, Česká republika

1995  Portrait II, Fotogalerie Wien, Wien, Rakousko

1996  Soudobá fotografie NOX 1996, National Gallery, Palác Kinských, Praha, Česká rep., Reprízy: Brno

1995  NOX, Museum Landau, Landau, Germany

1996  Facing the End of the Centure, Five Czech Photographers, Taitemia Gallery, Kuopio, Finsko

           Reprízy: Tallin, Panevežys, Šiauliai, Pécs, Den Haag, Cottbus, Poprad

1996  Jistoty a hledání v české fotografii 90. let, Nejvyšší purkrabství Pražského hradu, Praha, Česká republika Reprízy: Berlin, Bratislava, Chicago Cultural Center

1996  The Body in Contemporary Czech Photography, Macintosh Gallery,Glasgow, School of Art, Velká Británie (Skotsko), Reprízy: Braga, Portugal, London

1998   Tělo a fotografie, Salmovský palac, Praha, Česká republika

1999  Czech Photography in the 20th Century, The Eli Lemberger Museum of     Photography at Tel-Hai Industrial Park, Israel

1999  Czech Photography of the 1990‘s, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago,USA

1999  Czech and Slovak Photography, Czech centrum, New York, USA

2000  Gallery Replica, Stockholm, Švédsko

2000  Portrait, New Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA

2000  Akt v české fotografii, Císařská konírna Pražského hradu, Praha Repríza v Muzeu umění Olomouc

2001  Czech Photography, Benham Studio / Gallery, Seattle, USA

2001  GoEurope: the kaleidoscopic eye, Kunsthalle des Artmax, Braunschweig,      Německo

2001 Vintage & Contemporary Czech Photography, S.K. Josefsberg Studio, Portland,  USA

2002  Česká a slovenská fotografie osmdesátých a devadesátých let 20. století, Muzeum umění Olomouc

2003  Naked before God,The Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estonia

2004  Il Nudo, Fra Ideale e Realita, Galleria d´Arte Moderna, Bologna, Italy

2004  Gods Becoming Men, Frissiras Museum, Atheny, Athens, Grece

2006  Sigmund Freud, Život – sen, Staroměstská radnice, Praha

2006  Closed Eyes,Museet for Fotokunst, Odense, Denmark

2007  My Favorites Photography, Seiene 51, Paris

2008  Nový urbanismus, Galerie Seiene 51, Paříž

2008-9 The Third Side of the Wall, Moravská galerie, Brno

2009  Tschechische Fotografie des 20. Jahrhunderts, Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Bonn

2009-10  Černobílé Zlaté město 09, Topičův salon, Praha

2010 EGO, portrét x fotografie, Langhans Galerie Praha, Praha

2010 Darkness for Light – Czech Photography Today, Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo

2010 Decadence Now / Za hranicí krajnosti, Galerie Rudolfinum, Praha

2011 Fundamenty & Sedimenty, Galerie hlavního města Prahy - Městská knihovna

2011 Fotografie – mutující médium, Galerie Rudolfinum, Praha

2011 …a jiné věci, Galerie Caesar, Olomouc



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