Zhang Yaxin张雅心


1933 年  生于辽宁省黑山县

1952 年  参加工作

1956 年  加入中国共产党

1963 年  毕业于长春电影学院,被分配到新华社任摄影记者

1978 年  调入《人民日报》社任摄影记者

1983 年  出版《彩色摄影实践》,已发行28 万册

1986 年  首批获得全国高级专业职称资格,任高级记者,享受国务院颁发的有突出贡献的



2008  《重现的想像》联展,北京see+ 画廊。

2009  《革命·浪漫·主义》-张雅心样板戏剧照大型回顾展。

2010  样板戏剧照参加洛杉矶艺博会。

2011  样板戏剧照参加洛杉矶艺博会。



Zhang Yaxin



1933 - Born in Heishan County of Liaoning Province.

1952 - Started working.

1956 - Joined the Communist Party of China.

1963 - Graduated from Changchun Film Academy and then worked for the Xinhua News

            Agency as a pressphotographer.

1978 - Continued his career in the People's Daily.

1983 - Published his masterpiece, Practice of Color photography and enjoyed a circulation

            of 280,000.

1986 - Among the first group of people with Senior Title Qualifications. As a senior 

            correspondent, he was granted a Special Allowance from the State Council for his

            great contribution. Furthermore, his profile got involvedin Dictionary of Chinese    

            artists, Who's Who in Contemporary China, as well as Chinese Photographers and

            the like.