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Born in Wuchuan, Guangdong Province in 1975. Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1997. 

Currently living in Guangzhou, freelance photographer.

From 1997 to 2004, he was a photographer for "New Weekly", "Zhuhai Pictorial", "Southern Metropolis Daily" and "City Pictorial".

His works are exhibited in Spain, the United States, Canada, France and China

and he published photography album named "We Had Never Traveled Hand in Hand" and "Spontaneity". 

His representative works include "We Had Never Travelled Hand in Hand", "Flowers in the Mirror", "Spontaneity", "Photo View",

"There is Wind and Scenery on the Road", "The Internet of the World" and so on. 


曾忆城的山水摄影作品与历史悠久的中国山水画传统一脉相承,与物质世界以及中国哲学中精神世界的心灵” 高度契合。

















Zeng Yicheng’s works of landscape are deeply influenced by traditional Chinese Landscape Painting,

and highly coincided with the soul of material as well as spiritual world in Chinese philosophy.

He observes the everyday things with patience to make works, and express a detached outlook in an ancient way,

which is similar in portraying the nature with traditional Chinese Painting.

Zeng Yicheng mainly uses black, white and grey rather than colors in his works to dispel the stimulation and interference that strong colors may bring.

Unlike some landscape photographers who pursue three-dimensional illusions, he deliberately adopts a planar perspective,

placing the scenery in a panoramic, two-dimensional blank space, silently and decisively.

In this way, the attention of the viewer is drawn to these blanks.

It is no longer a vacancy, but a kind of existence, which can not avoid its fate to be appreciated as the landscapes.

Zeng Yicheng dismantles the complexity of the panorama in his works,

remaining only some partial details to highlight the outline of the scenery and weaken the strange style curved by time and space.

As if blocked by clouds or silhouetted in soft light, these de-materialized natural scenes, like planets in the void,

seem to be off the surface of the earth and floating weightlessly in their own free kingdom. Paradoxically,

the results show that the eternity captured by Zeng Yi-Cheng and transmitted to us by a fleeting glance is constantly changing despite its tranquility.

Zeng Yicheng succeeded in paying a tribute to tradition in his experiments.

But this is only a small part of all his works and the starting point of his exploration of the unknown.

His explorations also included: the Dachau series, which could evoke horrible reverie,

showcased horrid space and appliances in a notorious Nazi concentration camp;

The Exchange series, which was set in a well-designed Zen Garden like the Longan Temple in Japan, recorded a series of photographers' actions;

and The Wedding series, which recorded two symbolic acts he did to celebrate a friend's marriage;

We Had Never Travelled Hand in Hand series is taken in black-and-white by a small camera, with obscure meanings and corresponding words;

and The Flowers in the Mirror series belongs to a typical post-modernist style, with every scene carefully directed and brightly colored.


展览 / Exhibitions


2019 《珠江夜游-后珠三角景观》,广东美术馆,广州

2018 《互联江山》,艺术深圳Art Shenzhen, 深圳

2018 《神遇·迹化》,see+ Gallery, 北京

2018 《听我说——中瑞当代摄影中的新叙事》,OCAT Shenzhen, Shenzhen

2015 《何枝可依》个展,C14画廊,上海

2014 《一时一地》个展,see+画廊,北京

2013 《一时一地》个展,草山行馆,台北

2013 《生命喜悦之道》佛教艺术展,北京宋庄当代艺术园,北京

2012 《一时一地》个展,华山创意1914文化创意园,台北

2012 《江南志异》联展,宝缇嘉艺术首展,上海

2011 《无限接近前方》当代艺术群展,广东美术馆,广州

2011  公共教育专案《通过艺术看自己》工作坊及个展,广东美术馆,广州

2011 《婚礼》,Para / site艺术空间,香港

2011 《感官生产》德胜当代艺术年度展第三回,顺德

2011 《一时一地》个展,时代美术馆,珠海

2011 《一时一地》个展,太古汇,广州

2011 大剧院艺术《交流》个展及交流分享会,广州

2011 《心像·在路上》群展,大理国际影会,大理

2011 《心像合一》摄影联展,鄂尔多斯

2011 《人·幸》摄影联展,周围画廊,上海

2011 《曾忆城的照相观计划》,时代美术馆,广州

2011 《一时一地 ··山》,草山行馆,台北

2010 《南方十六人》群展,大理国际影会,集体获得金翅鸟大奖,大理

2009 《谁是接班者?》中国艺术家群展,法国巴黎 / 美国迈阿密

2008 《江南镜像》装置,上海证大现代艺术馆,上海

2008 《当代亚洲艺术家联展-图片与影像》,法国巴黎 / 美国迈阿密

2008 《中国艺术家群像》,法国巴黎 / 美国迈阿密

2008 《重现的想象》,see+画廊,北京

2008 《群星璀璨·广东50位摄影家作品展》,广州

2007 《我们始终没有牵手旅行》画册出版,被《城市画报》和豆瓣网评为十大幻想书之一

2007 《注意!中国》当代艺术展,马德里

2007 《中国在建设中》当代艺术展,休斯顿

2007 《人文广东-馆藏20世纪以来广东美术作品展》,连州国际摄影节,连州

2007 《人文广东-馆藏20世纪以来广东美术作品展》,广东美术馆,广州

2006 《时装转型试验》联展,西班牙

2006 《身份》联展,西班牙

2006 《面包与黄油》,当代艺术联展,西班牙

2006 《曾忆城个展》,西班牙

2006 《巴塞罗那-北京-巴黎》联展,西班牙

2005 《共·活》个展,广州国际双年展,作品被广东美术馆收藏,广州

2005 《镜花缘》个展,爱普生画廊,上海/北京

2005 《广州当代艺术生态展》,何香凝美术馆,深圳 

2004 《微波》当代艺术展,广州

2004 《中国人本》摄影联展,作品被广东美术馆收藏,广州

2004 《开放的姿态》当代艺术展,广东美术馆,广州

2004 《身体·中国》现代艺术展,马赛现代美术馆/法国紫荆城国际摄影大展,法国/北京

2003 《电子城市》展,多伦多数位艺术节,多伦多

2003 《被制造的快乐》现代艺术展,酱艺术中心,北京

2003 《中国影像年度展》,北京

2003 《人与人-20世纪中国美术的人文性》,广东美术馆,广州

2003 《纪实摄影论坛》,平遥国际摄影节,平遥

2002 《新都市主义》,现代艺术展,作品《美丽抵抗机械化》为广东美术馆收藏,广州

2002 《南方十一人》摄影联展,平遥国际摄影节,平遥

2002 《我们始终没有牵手旅行》个展,上海原点画廊,上海

2002 《看不见的城市》摄影联展,上海星光画廊,上海

2001 《城市引擎》现代艺术展,广州美术学院,广州


2019 “Night Tour of the Pearl River – The Landscape of the Post Pearl River”, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou

2018 “The internet of the world”, Art Shenzhen, Shenzhen

2018 “Inspired, Picturize”, see+ Gallery, Beijing

2018 “Follow Me-New Narratives in Contemporary Photography, China-Switzerland”, OCAT Shenzhen, Shenzhen

2015 “Perch”, C14 Gallery, Shanghai

2014 “Spontaneity”, Solo Exhibition, see+ Gallery, Beijing

2013 “Spontaneity”, Solo Exhibition, Grass Mountain Chateau, Taipei

2013 “The Joyful Path of Good Fortune” Lamrim &Vision Buddhism Art Exhibition, Songzhuang Contemporary Art Park, Beijing

2012 “Spontaneity”, Solo Exhibition, Huashan 1914, Creative Park, Taipei

2012 “Damaged Heritage JIANGNAN in Contemporary Photography”, Bottega Veneta Art Exhibition, Shanghai

2011 “Infinitely Close to the Front”, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Guangdong Museum of Art. Guangzhou

2011 Public Education Preject, “See Yourself Through Art”, Workshop and Solo Exhibition

2011 “A Wedding”, Para/Site Art Space, Hongkong

2011 “Production of Senses”, Desheng Contemporary Art Annual Exhibition (Round 3), Shunde

2011 “Spontaneity”, Solo Exhibition, Times Museum, Zhuhai

2011 “Spontaneity”, Solo Exhibition, Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou

2011 “Exchange”, Solo Exhibition / Exchange & Sharing Session, GU Mall, Guangzhou

2011 “Image of Spirit, On the Road” Group Exhibition, DIPE, Dali

2011 “Spirit & Image in One” Photography Group Exhibition, Ordos

2011 “Human/Happiness”, Around Space, Shanghai

2011 “Zeng Yi-cheng’s Zhao Xiang Guan Project”, Times Museum, Guangdong

2011 “Spontaneity – Yang·Ming·Shang” Grass. Mountain Chateau, Taipei

2010 “Southern 16ers”Group Exhibition, DIPE, 2010 the 2nd DIPE Awards, Dali

2009 “Who’s Next?” Chinese Group Exhibition, Paris, France & Miami, USA

2008 “Imagery of South China” installation: Intrude: Art & Life 366 Teams, Shanghai

2008 “Art Asiatique Contemporain – Photographies et Video” Paris, France & Miami, USA

2008 “Chinese Group Show”, Paris, France & Miami, USA

2008 “Overlapping Thinking”, see+ Gallery, Beijing

2008 “50 Guangdong Photographers Group Show for the 50th Anniversary of Guangdong Photographers Association”, Guangdong

2007 “We Never Had Travelled Hand in Hand” Photo Album Published

2007 Photography Training Project – Consultant of Oslo Photography Institute students’ American Photography Trip

2007 “Attention!-Chinese Contemporary Photography”, Madrid, Spain

2007 “China Under Construction” Contemporary Art Museum, Houston, USA

2007 “Culture / Guangdong – GDMoA’s Collection of Guangdong Art Museum in 20th Century”, Lianzhou International Photo Exposition, Lianzhou

2007 “Culture / Guangdong – GDMoA’s Collection of Guangdong Art Museum in 20th Century”, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou

2006 “Transfashion Lab” Group Exhibition, Spain

2006 “Identity” Group Exhibition, Spain

2006 “Bread & Butter” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Spain

2006 “Zeng Yi-Cheng” Solo Exhibition, Spain

2006 “BARCELONA – PEKIN -PARIS” Group Exhibition, Spain

2005 “Re(-)Viewing the City” Guangzhou photo biennial, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou

2005 “Flowers in Mirror/Lens” Solo Exhibition, epSITE, Shanghai/Beijing

2005 “Guangzhou Ecological Exhibition of Contemporary Art”, He Xiang Ning Art Museum, Shenzhen

2004 “Microwave” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Guangzhou

2004 “Humanity of China” photo exhibition, collected by Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou

2004 “The Stance of Open” Contemporary Art Museum, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou

2004 “China, the Body Everywhere?” Museum of Contemporary Art, Marseilles

2004 Forbidden City International Photography Exhibition, France & Beijing

2003 “Electronic City”, Toronto Digital Art Festival, Toronto

2003 “Made Happiness”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Jiang Yi Art Center, Beijing

2003 “China Photo Annual Exhibition”, Beijing

2003 “Peoples-The Collection Exhibition of China Modern And Contemporary Art”, Guangdong Museum of Art. Guangzhou

2003 “The Forum of Documentary Photography” Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao

2002 “New Urbanism” Modern Art Exhibition, Guang Dong Museum of Art, Guangzhou

2002 “South Eleven” Photo Exhibition, Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao

2002 “We Never Had Travelled Hand in Hand” Solo Exhibition, Origin Gallery, Shanghai

2002 “Invisible City” Photo Exhibition, Shanghai Starlight Photography Gallery, Shanghai

2001 “City Engine”, Modern Art Exhibition, Fine Art Academy of Guangzhou, Guangzhou

出版 / Publishing 


曾忆城:《一时一地》,see+ Gallery2014


Zeng Yi-Cheng, We Had Never Travelled Hand in Hand, China Forestry Publishing, 2007

Zeng Yi-Cheng, Spontaneity, see+ Gallery, 2014


公共收藏 / Public Collection



Guangdong Museum of Art